We make education projects to close the gender gap in STEM

Prepare our girls for the future of work, for a better tomorrow



    Meet our community and the non profit programs.

    STEM education programs for Hispanics in U.S.

    Our organization model works in 3 ways:

    Social Company: We work in education projects by doing bootcamps inside companies.
    Non-profit: Community of ambassadors and chapters that develops EQ programs in their own communities.
    U.S.A Foundation: We are creating education programs to work with latinas in the STEM field.

    Our laboratory travels around the world so we can impact every community, company and girl.

    Send us a message, if you would like to bring this to your community, NGO or company.



    What do we do?
    We are a social company that creates bootcamps and workshops in-side companies, schools and organizations to bring more girls to the STEM Field.

    Go to the Lab section where you can see the work we make at Epic Queen Lab.

    You can sponsor a full bootcamp or an individual workshop to help to close the gender gap in STEM.

    Why more girls in STEM?

    · Microsoft research
    Most girls become interested in STEM at the age of 11-and-a-half but this starts to wane by the age of 15.

    · Tech jobs are among the fastest growing in the country, yet girls are being left behind. While interest in computer science ebbs over time, the biggest drop off happens between the ages of 13-17.








    We work together with our sponsors. So we can impact more girls every time they support our bootcamps and workshops.



  • Ana Karen Ramírez

    Founder & CEO

    She started her career as web designer, she was working in startups and tech when she discovered the big problem: a few women working in tech sector and less in Latin América. Epic Queen started as her hobby making networking events for women in tech. 

  • Juan Carlos Luna

    Development Manager

    Juan Carlos is an expert in social organizations, design of indicators, impact measurement, procurement and institutional development
  • Yozadath Riverón

    Content creator & instructor

    Mecanic Engineer to be, her passion is the space industry thats why she builds robots and Cansat Satellites in contests.

  • Lizbeth Magaña

    Bootcamps instructor

    Systems Engineer to be, her passion is building and designing cars like F1 for Formula SAE® Series

  • Dulce Zavaleta

    Lead Developer

    Full-stack Developer. Ninja expert in front-end, Javascript, SASS, Bootstrap and WPF.


    Learn more about Epic Queen, help us to build more bootcamps or just say hello.

    Location: Medellín 176 Roma Norte CDMX.

    Mail: contacto@epicqueen.com



    • By 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computing related fields.

      Let's develop skills so they can create the future.